Mission Medical Center

About Mission Medical Center

Board of Directors

Our organization provides free healthcare services including primary care, behavioral health, dentistry, free medications, and more. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can access healthcare regardless of their ability to pay.



Christian Healing Network dba Mission Medical Center

  • Chair/Dental Clinic Director: Ronald Palmer, DDS
  • Vice Chair: Sharyn Markus, MA
  • Secretary: Beverly Leonard, JD
  • Treasurer: Karie Hare, MPH 
  • Interim Executive Director: Rev. Zelna Joseph, PhD
  • Medical Director: Kristine Bristow, LFNP
  • Founder/Director: Marcella Ruch, PhD

Why Choose Mission Medical Center?

Affordable primary care and specialty care for adults. Appointments can be scheduled by calling: (719) 219-3402